Speech Topics

When You look in the Mirror, What Do You See?

Highlights: Self-image, Self-confidence, Resilience,
Ideal Audiences: Youth, Women, Individuals Facing Hardships
Targeted Outcomes: Stronger Positive Self-Image, Honest Self-Assessment, Actionable Plan to Reverse Adverse Circumstances


Many people who have not forgiven themselves for past mistakes or who have believed every negative comment hurled at them can’t seem to look honestly in the mirror. Their view of themselves is disparaging and distorted.

Antoinette helps individuals see the good in themselves, embrace unrealized potential and begin the process of reversing undesirable circumstances.

I Don’t Look Like What I’ve Come From

Highlights: The Art of Overcoming Obstacles, Self-Actualization,
Ideal Audiences: Workers Experiencing/Resisting Change, Career Shifters/Builders, Displaced Employees, Corporations with Ambiguous Environments, Teams and Groups Learning to Respect Differences
Targeted Outcomes: Embracing Change, Sustaining Motivation in Uncertain Times


Often in social and work situations, what people reveal to you about themselves only scratches the surface. Everyone forms perceptions based on his/her own personal history, exposure and culture, and sometimes those perceptions miss the mark.

Antoinette uses examples from her own life to help audiences understand how wrong perceptions can block opportunities and prevent people from appreciating differences in one another. This talk leaves attendees open to the many good possibilities of change and feeling more grounded in spite of unpredictable times.

You’re With the Right Company, But Are You a Good Employee?

Highlights: Win-Win Mindsets, Success Habits, Measuring Your Own Contributions, Company Culture Alignment
Ideal Audiences: Corporations, Unmotivated Team Members, Job Seekers, College Seniors, Unemployment Services, Human Resources
Targeted Outcomes: Employee Engagement, Team-building, Self-Improvement, Re-commitment to Company Mission

Those who can land a job with a respected company feel as if they have won the employment lottery. They have job security, benefits and endless opportunities for advancement. Unfortunately, not all employees return similar benefits to their employers.

The ideal employment situation in one in which an employee gives as good as he or she gets. Antoinette helps workers assess their own contributions to the company and create actionable win-win solutions for both employee and employer growth.

Video Highlights

What Makes Antoinette Unique

She’s Naturally Funny!
Not only has Antoinette lived through the struggles that she advises clients and audiences to overcome, but she approaches the healing process with authenticity and humor. Laughter builds trust, increases learning and creates an opening for accepting change and difference. As a universal equalizer, humor establishes common ground.

The benefit of Antoinette’s witty approach is backed by science. Research from Western Kentucky University nursing scholar Dr. Mary Bennett shows that laughter helps enhance the immune system by blocking stress hormones and releasing endorphins that help to relax muscles. A relaxed audience is a receptive one.

Clients Get More Than a Keynote Speech
Antoinette believes people must have four distinct qualities before they become resilient. They must be:

  • Realistic – Keeping a rational, practical view of the truth and staying honest about where you are in relation to that truth.
  • Responsive – Sustaining a willingness and readiness to do whatever it takes to move from where you are to where you want or need to be.
  • Resourceful – Tapping your own inner resolve, extended community support network and tangible resources to drive you around obstacles and towards goals.
  • Reliable – Accountable to yourself, the people who love you and all other stakeholders in your success.


Antoinette helps clients and audiences develop these qualities into actionable plans. You may not have all the answers you seek immediately after you’ve heard her speak, but you will definitely have awakened your ability to ask the right questions that can change your life.