What Antoinette White Does

Antoinette White, MBA, is the founding CEO of Mission to Motivate, a full-service resilience planning firm specializing in women’s empowerment and life journey preparedness. An expert in personal development, transition and change management and healing approaches for traumatic life experiences, Antoinette is also author of the noted memoir Who’s Protecting Me?

Her journey to success and healing springs from humble beginnings. The eldest of three children growing up in impoverished Gary, Indiana, Antoinette learned early that the one thing that would never fail her was her own sheer will. She survived molestation at the hands of a family member, her sister’s murder and housing insecurity in her youth that set the tone for homelessness as an adult. After a failed marriage, Antoinette found herself a single mother of two sons slowly completing an undergraduate degree. Ultimately, her perseverance pushed her all the way through an MBA program.

She has traveled to Accra, Ghana and across the U.S. speaking to women, girls and the organizations that support them, motivating audiences to create individual plans to stay resilient no matter how trying the times.


Mission to Motivate provides Corporate Morale Improvement workshops and programs that refresh and uplift your labor force, increasing quality, productivity and efficiency from bottom to top.

Our workshops and programs help workers assess their own contributions to the company and create actionable win-win solutions for both employee and employer growth.